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About Meta Stages

Meta Stages provides a unique dining experience. It is located in the high-rise of V POINT in Causeway Bay which takes in the view of Hong Kong. It is a Japanese barbecue restaurant that combines the Metaverse and the stage platform. It uses elegant and exquisite artistic design style and NFT works of various artists, as well as various artists. The performance of the performers not only allows guests to enjoy the food, but also to appreciate the all-encompassing works of art.


A place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Meta Stages offers the highest quality food and the best live performances while satisfying the taste buds. Meta Stages Live Show is the best place to see talented artists.


Provide online and offline stage LED screen wall and XR interactive element technology of own team for art performers


The LED screen wall is 10 meters long and 3 meters high. It changes with the music rhythm during the performance which brings the audience a visual and auditory enjoyment. We hope to provide a cultural and artistic exchange platform for art performers. Interaction presents performances to more audiences and gives more space and opportunities for art performers to develop. At the same time, various performance themes and competitions are regularly held to provide valuable advice and encouragement to the new generation of art performers.


Exclusively designed NFT to become a VIP member and enjoy 5D holographic images

Customers become unique VIP members and enjoy exclusive VIP preferential services and independent boxes after purchasing an exclusive NFT. Which could Enjoy 3 VIP rooms, one of rooms has a 5D holographic interactive projection. Enjoying different creative scene changes  and have the service of exclusively designing scenes for different themes.


Create Hong Kong's iconic attractions


It is committed to creating a unique space for Hong Kong's representative attractions so that tourists from all over the world can enjoy the local performing arts and culture.

© 2022 by Meta Stages.

852 Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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