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About Meta Stages

Meta Stages is a place for those to achieve their teenage dreams, rediscover your youthful self again. The restaurant decorate with elegant and exquisite art design style to cooperate with the works of various artists, in addition with various artistic live performance, our guess will not only just simply enjoying a fine dining experience, they are experiencing art, music, culture and great food encompass at the same place at one stop.

Meta Stages

Create Hong Kong's iconic attractions


Meta Stages is a unique place collaborates with technology, art, fine food and music in once place along with fusion Japanese cuisine. Meta Stages hope to bring out a new scene in dining to all of you, at the same time we hope to give artist a platform for them to shine either through online live or live performance in front of you. 




Talented artist live performance

We hope to provide a place to groom more creators for much more possibility.

Event List

Upcoming Events

  • Every Thursday Canton Pop Night
    Multiple Dates
    30 Mar, 7:30 pm – 9:10 pm
    6F, 18 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay, 香港
    Let's enjoy chill Thursday with RT !!
  • April Saturday Live Music & Open Mic
    01 Apr, 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm
    6F, 18 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay, 香港
  • 異世界 - 捕夢之旅|香港首個開心 5D 夢幻沉浸式美食劇場 (1)
    Multiple Dates
    26 Mar, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
    Meta Stages , Causeway bay
    失眠者與捕夢者的奇異旅程 一對同樣患有渴睡症的男女一天失足跌進『夢域』,一個現實與夢境邏輯顛倒、真與假、虛與實的模糊空間,沒邏輯、沒理性的維度。 遇上各種奇情怪事, 不同夢各種夢在發生, 最後⋯⋯ 拾回夢想,回到⋯⋯ 一場夢遊戲,一個拾回夢想的奇異旅程! 造夢者,一起來玩嗎? 一起搞笑D。好味D。開心D。過癮D。 互動D!
  • Every Wednasday Joy Night
    Multiple Dates
    22 Mar, 7:30 pm – 9:10 pm
    6F, 18 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay, 香港
    A singer who can sing Cantonese and English song.

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